Demonstrating Value to Network Members

By: Network Lead Exchange

Making sure that members get value for being in a Network Lead Exchange chapter is imperative for success. The reason why folks are in Rotary Clubs, BNIs, and other groups including Network Lead Exchange chapters has to do with referrals and also with collegiality. Therefore, it is important to explore how to deliver value in these two areas.



The great thing about Network Lead Exchange is how the service delivers commissions for referrals. This allows members of the network an incentive to ensure referrals are flowing. Every business wants to get new business, so it is on chapter leaders to promote referral bonuses between members. The easiest way to do this is constantly encourage referrals and at the same time, to lead by example and issue referrals as well.



The great thing about a networking group is how everyone gets along. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate value is during networking meetings or through the simple act of checking in on each other. Developing these bonds is an unquantifiable way to demonstrate value. When people know someone is looking out for them or is just a good conversation, it bonds everyone together and for a chapter leader, it is important to be the glue for the group.


There are many ways to develop value for a networking group. Learn how to make your chapter the best chapter @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.