5 Tips to Improve Response Time

By: Network Lead Exchange

One of the most important ways to let people know how important they are is to respond promptly. One of the biggest disappointments most folks have with interpersonal communications is sending a message out and feeling like it’s lost in the ether. This is a major point of emphasis for Network Lead Exchange. When connecting businesspeople through networking, it is imperative that response time is prompt. There are several ways to put some fail-safes in to be sure no communication in the inbox lacks a response. Here are some ways Network Lead Exchange can help with making sure people sending messages don’t feel like their message has disappeared into the ether.


Set Reminders

There are so many ways to set reminders. Whether it is using the phone, using the calendar, or simply setting aside time during the day to reply to emails and calls. In all of our days, we are constantly inundated with different things, and that means everyone loses track of messages. This is not due to bad intentions, but just because of how chaotic the days are. That said, if it is important for someone to reach out, a reply is warranted. The reminder is an easy way to get out of the crisis at the moment and to do the work of responding. The good news is people understand the chaos of the workday. Therefore, a prompt response is indicative of being organized and efficient – always a plus with business.


Set Aside a Specific Time Each Day

This is actually quite similar to the reminder idea, except it is a constant. Every day, set aside time to reply to messages. This could be at the beginning of the day, middle of the day, or the end of the day. The key is putting this into the calendar and going from there. This will become a routine, and when that specific time arrives (for example: 11 am), the responses will be issues and life will be easier. There’s nothing worse than receiving a message following up on a message that wasn’t replied to. Setting aside the time each day to reply also creates the expectation to when someone should get a response.


Don’t Be Afraid to Reply with a Non-Response

This can be a bit confusing, and requires some explanation. Often, the messages not replied to are messages that might require some thought. There is a solution, however. The key is replying with a, “Thanks for your message. I’m going to do X, Y, and Z before I provide a comprehensive reply. I should get back to you within X days.” This is a great response even though nothing has been resolved. The person sending the message knows the recipient is looking into the situation. Instead of not replying due to not having the ability to answer someone’s concerns, the acknowledgement with the steps being taken allows the sender to have some faith that things are moving.


Use an Auto-Responder with an ETA

Some folks may think automated responses are impersonal and insulting, but the reality is automated responses can be quite useful. The best types of automated responses acknowledge receipt and give the sender a window as to when they should be expecting a more thorough response. While the automated response is not a personal, written response, it does have value. The most important thing is the sender knows the message got through. There’s also the expectation of when to expect a thorough reply. Having the expectation allows the senders to carry on with their business accordingly, and it allows the people receiving the messages to do what every business should: under-promise and over-deliver. So, if the window is 48 hours, replying in 24 hours will most certainly earn brownie points.


ETAs are Vital in Responses

Every response should have some guidance as to when things will be resolved. Sometimes, they can be resolved with the reply, but always giving a timeline is a solid practice. It is imperative senders know what is going on, and with a timeline, things are quite concrete. For the purposes of networking, the timeline is quite a handy tool. Letting folks know when to expect things or how long a task will take is always welcome. People generally love having more information than less. Uncertainty is the enemy of business, so in any reply, make sure to include a timeframe, even if it is just a timeframe of when more information is available.



The reality is the business day is quite busy, and even with a platform as easy to use as Network Lead Exchange’s, it’s hard to reply to all messages. Use these tips to make sure everyone sending messages feels acknowledged. If nothing else – it will help build a positive reputation. Learn more ways to build a network with tips like these @ NETWORKLEADEXCHANGE.COM.